inside as knowledge sharing workspace offers intuitive and efficient tools to preserve basics, experience and expertise on a social collaboration platform. Use the resulting knowledge transfer
as a source of inspiration and progress.

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Operational expertise and self-responsible competence are the immediate requirements for your competitiveness. Knowledge is a crucial value creation factor.

Active implemented knowledge management requires the provision of a collaborative work environment whose methodology enables the building of a solid knowledge base.

Knowledge carriers are the highest asset of a company. Belong to it. Share your experience in the team and build on the achievements of others.

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In a consistently domain-based information architecture, contributions, basics, sources and teams form the elementary pillars of the inside knowledge base.

Access and information flow, are governed by team affiliations and roles. All controlled by team-to-domain assignments.

Editorial workflows and lifecycle checks support the quality and timeliness of the contributions.

Agile methods (forums, chats, notes, sprints & backlogs) promote collaboration and a learning culture in the team.

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Single Source of Truth

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The same backed-up information is available to everyone as a basis for work and decision-making in order to avoid data silos.

  • Contributions are located in the topic areas of a domain and reflect the opinions and views of the respective authors and teams.
  • Basics (dictionaries, events, maps, etc.) stand as facts for themselves. References to entries in the basics serve to understand or deepen the information in contributions.
  • Sources (files, libraries, internal and external links) are used in contributions and basics for reference.

Relevant Search

Are there contacts?

As a result of a search query, experts, contributions, basics and sources on the topic are explicitly presented. More options:

  • Dedicated filter features let you refine these results step by step.
  • Feature Sets [1] can be used when searching and evaluating.
  • Savable hit lists support the search and allow subsequent evaluation.

[1] Feature sets describe dynamically assignable or automatically generated metadata objects. They allow e.g. the connection of machine learning algorithms and thus the use of inside as a frontend to hook on AI applications.


Social communities

Central points of communication.

Communication is documenting development processes and incorporates feedback and comments directed to the content, thus attributing to the content information value [2].

  • Editorial workflows serve to review and share content.
  • Forums promote discussion and drive content creation.
  • News (references to content) strengthen the flow of information in teams and user groups.
  • An author's followers will be notified of new content or changes
  • Team chat und messenger features maintain internal communication and collaboration.

[2] The use of the inside collaboration tools empowers teams to take responsibility for data protection and information hiding on the basis of the European Data Protection Act (DSGVO).

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